URGENT! Transportation Services May Be Eliminated! Your Voice is Needed!

If you believe you will ever use transportation services for the elderly, blind, or disabled, we need you at this hearing. Currently, Madison Metro provides free transportation services that are individualized to the needs of our loved ones.  These rides play an integral part in why we have such a high employment rate for individuals with disabilities who work and are integrated into our community. Transportation is at risk and if we lose it, we will never get it back. Please help us spread the word and pack the hearing room. Even if you can’t stay for the entire hearing, we could use your voice by simply arriving, filling out a hearing slip, and registering against this proposed cut.

Click here for the full, printable version of this notice.

Wednesday, October 11, 6:00 p.m., Madison Public Library, 201 West Mifflin St., Room 302 – Third Floor Conference Room.


  • Elimination of “leave attended rides,” where a driver accompanies the rider until he/she is safely with support staff or family.
  • Makes all rides “curb-to-curb” meaning a rider is dropped off at the curb.
  • Service to assist people “door-to-door” will have to be approved on a person-by-person basis.
  • Eliminates convenience tickets. All fares will have to be paid in cash or with an “agency ticket.”


  • Attend the City of Madison Public Hearing on Proposed Reductions in ParaTransit Services
  • Tell the City of Madison Transit and Parking Commission (TPC) how important transportation is to you or your family member.
  • Urge the Mayor and Madison City Council NOT to cut Paratransit Services.


  1. At the hearing, each speaker will have 3 minutes to speak.
  2. Use specific examples to make your points. Remember, you are the expert when it comes to your life and how important transportation is to you. Your personal experience should be the focus of your message. You are not expected to be an expert on public policy or have the solution to difficult issues.
  3. Make an outline (SAMPLE OUTLINE BELOW) to help focus the content of your message. Too much information will confuse and dilute your message.
  4. Be calm and respectful. If you are asked a question and don’t know the answer, simply say so and offer to get back to whomever asked the question with the answer.
  5. Thank the Members of the TPC for their time and consideration. Always be respectful in your words and actions.


  • My name is (name) and I live in (Madison neighborhood). I (or my son/brother/daughter/sister/etc.) receive (vocational/residential) services.
    • I am concerned about the reductions in paratransit services because…(Give a personal reason here.) For example:
    • I/my son/daughter uses paratransit to….
    • With these reductions, I am worried my son/daughter/I won’t be able to…
      keep his/her/my current job
    • Continue to live in his/her/my apartment or home
    • Continue to enjoy the community activities in which I/he/she am currently involved
  • I appreciate that Madison Metro has worked hard to keep the reductions at a minimum. But I urge the City Council and the Mayor to restore these cuts.
  • My son’s/my daughter’s access to employment and a full life is at risk and the City’s investment in these services is critically important.
  • Thank you for listening, thank you for your commitment over the years to working in partnership with the County and people with disabilities. Thank you for continuing to work with us, during and after the mandated transition to Family Care/IRIS.
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