It’s August Recess – Time to Advocate!

It’s August Recess – Time to Advocate! Watch, Share, and Take Action

The House and Senate are both on recess – the Senate for the first two weeks of August and the House all month. This means Members of Congress are home, back in their states and districts, and they need to hear about the issues that are important to you, like Medicaid, SSI, SNAP and much more.

Here are three ways you can advocate during August Recess:

Watch: Check out The Arc’s new video on advocacy!

Share: Spread the word about why advocacy matters! Share the advocacy video on Twitter and Facebook and say what you advocate for.

Take Action: Have five minutes? Call YOUR Members of Congress and ask them to support the Money Follows the Person program, which supports people with disabilities and seniors to move back into their communities after time in a nursing home. Then encourage your family and friends to call, too.

Have a free evening? Attend a town hall Meeting and ask questions about issues that are important to you. Showing up matters! Find out if your Members of Congress are hosting town hall events. Click here for the House and here for the Senate.

Thank you for your advocacy!

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