Help Us Rename VSA Wisconsin!

Help us rename VSA Wisconsin! 

Yes, you read that right.  

Like many VSA organizations around the country, we have decided to change our name. The reason for this is simple. We believe it’s time to have a name that makes it clear and easy to identify who we are and what we do – a name that opens more doors for potential participants, audiences, donors, and collaborators.  

But what will that name be?  

VSA Florida is now Arts4All Florida.  

VSA Indiana is ArtMix.  

Who will we be?  

Your participation in this simple online survey will help us figure that out.  

It is important to note that our mission will not change. We will continue to work tirelessly to bring the arts to people with disabilities around the state. We will just be doing it with a new name.  

We’d really like your help to find a name without barriers. 

Please take the survey no later than May 24 to ensure that your insight can be included in our renaming process. We will share our new name and new look with everyone at summer’s end. 

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