Don’t Forget to Vote! Statewide Election on April 2

This coming Tuesday, April 2, Wisconsin citizens will again begin to fill polling stations to vote for several key county and state positions. Are you ready to vote?

It is everyone’s right in America to vote! Did you know that:

• All polling places must be accessible for people with disabilities, including an accessible route to enter the building.

• All polling places are required by law to have an accessible voting machine.

• If you need assistance marking your ballot, you may have someone assist you. Note: You cannot receive assistance from your employer or from your union representative.

• If you are unable to enter your voting location due to disability, you may request curbside voting.

• Poll workers are required to assist you, if you request assistance.

Check out the Wisconsin Disability Coalition’s great resources for voting if you need more help.

Spring Election Fact Sheet

Wisconsin Supreme Court Fact Sheet

FAQ for April 2nd Election

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