ADVOCACY WORKS! Important concession by DHS Secretary (Department of Health Services) Linda Seemeyer

DHS Secretary informed Dane County advocates that DHS will change its policy and allow support brokers to accompany people to options counseling meetings. These meetings will begin in October at the Aging Disability and Resource Center (ADRC). For those families who feel the support brokers who have been working with their son or daughter and know what works and doesn’t work and what they need on a day to day basis, this is tremendous news as budgets for each individual are established under the new FamilyCare/IRIS system.

We appreciate Secretary Seemeyer’s recognition of Dane County’s unique model of services and her willingness to listen and work collaboratively to find a compromise. We will continue to advocate for other important changes to managed care in Dane County: among the issues still unresolved are how we can continue to achieve the high rates of employment in Dane County for people with disabilities and preserve the unique transportation system that empowers people to work and live in the community.

The Arc Dane County also thanks Rep. Subek and other members of the Dane County delegation who are trying to help parents navigate these big changes to delivery of services for people with disabilities.

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